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"Results Matter!"

TV is still the king! No other media performs like TV, and nothing drives next-day traffic like a JSA TV ad campaign!

Next-day traffic is still the name of the game in car dealer advertising! TV is stronger than digital. TV is stronger than social. TV is stronger than website. Call to Action TV Ad Campaigns bring buyers to your dealership immediately and JSA delivers!

Since 1985, JSA has produced thousands of results oriented TV ad campaigns for car dealers. JSA understands advertising from a dealer’s point of view; How to say it; When to play it!

From manufacturer incentive announcement to customized “reasons to buy now” dealer copy to well-produced TV commercials and expert media buying, results come in the form of the Next-Day New Car Sales for dealers and JSA delivers!

JSA is easy to work with and streamlined too! JSA understands how car dealerships work. We get the advertising job done up front and get out of the way. Just like car dealers, we work toward a record-breaking sales month within your budget and then, close out the month and start over again!

TV advertising can also be the most expensive form of advertising a car dealership does, so it is crucial that you get results when you budget for TV. RESULTS MATTER AND JSA DELIVERS!

Resort, Casino & Theme Park

"Awareness Matters!"

The POWER OF TV is a Destination Resort and Theme Park’s best Advertising value! No other media can tell the story to more people than TV.

People caught in the act of having fun is an emotion hard to resist. Like Casino advertising, moving pictures of happy people having fun poolside or inside the park on rides, shopping and dining with all the sound, emotion and colors only TV can deliver is contagious!

The MAGIC OF TV advertising captures the feeling and emotion and delivers it best to the most people at the most strategic time, when families are planning to go on vacation or a weekend outing.

Put the POWER and MAGIC OF TV to work for your Destination Resort. Heavy, consistent advertising both locally and in feeder markets leading into and during the vacation season and light “reminder” advertising during the slower months will give your Resort, Casino or Theme Park TOP OF MIND AWARENESS throughout the year. Incorporate a memorable musical jingle and you'll have everyone singing your name all year long!

Go to the pros who have years of experience with effective TV advertising for Destination Resorts, Theme Parks and Casinos and LET THE MAGIC BEGIN!